5 Great Full Coverage Foundations under 5,000 Naira.

5 Great Full Coverage Foundations under 5,000 Naira.

After writing the blog post on the 5 full coverage foundations under 10,000 naira, I felt like I should have gone in-depth on prices because our pockets are of different sizes and like I always say “you don’t have to break the bank to look good”; so that’s why u have made this post.

In the blog post 5 best full coverage foundations under 10,000 naira, I did list out 5 full coverage foundations that I love , they where the best at their game in the price range of 10,000 Nigerian Naira. The next 5 foundations you would be reading about are much more affordable in the market, and still a great fit for those who are in need of full coverage due to skin mishaps or preferences.

I am a medium coverage person, as I like to keep it light, but I’ve come in contact with these foundations and I have also referred them to friends and family on occasions with great feedbacks.

Note that this list is in no order and should not be compared to high end cosmetics but believe me it’s worth your budget.


This foundation is a light weight formula which has a runny consistency and gives a dewy and full coverage finish , covering up blemishes quite well. Although this foundation feels sticky with time, it’s best to set with a fine powder, it’s also parabens free and have got antioxidants .

I love the fact that it comes in a variety of shades, 16 shades and has cool , warm and neutral undertones, so it’s much easier to find a shade closer to your skin tone. I also realized this foundation is not great for oily skin as it’s got a runny consistency but perfect for a normal-dry skin.

Price:3,500-4000 naira


This foundation is an oil free foundation with an airy mousse like feel and does deliver an all day shine and full coverage at the same time. The consistency is creamy and smooth but gets a bit dry on the dry skin but great for oily skin people since it’s a mousse like foundation, so if you are the type who doesn’t like your foundations dry, then you have to stay away.

The rimmel stay matte foundation has got 11 shades with neutral, warm and cool undertones and could last for about 4-5hrs but with a great primer would last longer. The only biggie about this foundation is that it does oxidize;I.e get darker on the skin with time



This is actually a good full coverage foundation for it’s prices, considering how much coverage it offers. You can also control the coverage by layering it if you need more , or sheering it if you need less.

This foundation comes in 12 shades with an orange undertone, it is also oil free but I would say not so good for oily skin. It also provides a dewy finish.

Price:2,500 – 3000 naira


Flawless ivy foundation is a lightweight and water based foundation, it is also paraben free and has thick consistency with a great coverage.

It comes in 7 shades and said to be great for colored girls as it’s a Nigerian brand , but I must say that it’s a great foundation, with a great coverage for it’s price.

Price: 2,500-3,500 naira(it comes in 2 sizes but both are in this price range)


The classic matte concealing foundation is a 2 in 1 foundation, can both be used as a concealer and also a foundation. It does a good job in providing full coverage .

It’s has a very thick consistency and you would might not be able to use the pump due to its consistency , but you can just open the cap and take some with your brushes. It’s also oil free and best for people with combination and dry skin as it sheets quickly .

Sadly this foundation has got orange and neutral undertone and it’s in just 5 shades which I felt like it’s not just enough to get ones exact shade.

Price:2,000 naira

So darlings who have got a need for full coverage and are on a 5,000 naira budget can try any of these foundations.

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I’ll be glad to read your views, if you have tried any of these foundations or are planning to please let me know in the comment section.

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