Hair colors you should try

Hair colors you should try

Growing up, I have always stuck to the safer sides of things-especially when making my hair, I just had to stick with the color black, be it braids , weaves or what so ever. To me it was safe and the best, it matched the color of my natural hair and it was who I am “black”

But inside of me I have had this silent love for colored hair especially when I first saw Rihanna in her red hair for her musical video “ only girl in the world” since then have been low key loving colored hairstyles,but I still stuck to black anyways.July last year, I saw a colored braid on a young lady and I was attracted to it ….. damn! I said to myself ,”I have got to try this thing” and voila I did😁. I made braids with weaves by the side using the color 30 of X-pression attachments, which is gold but in a much calmer tone, and yea I had no regret … people said it “complemented my skin tone” and I thought so too… I was sparkling…. so yea I made braids again in that same color now, but I’m not just about to stick to just that color.

I have also tried out red hair and here is a list of colored hair I also want to try.

⁃Red hair: yea, Rihanna still inspired me, so I recently made braids in red color, not very sharp red but in the hot blood color kinda red because I couldn’t get a red color shade at the salon, it was really beautiful, and got quite a number of compliments. Here’s a picture of me on my lovely braid.

⁃ Blonde hair: my friend went blonde lately and I felt she looked fantastic, it was amusing and I would love to try that, although I do wear a wig that’s black and blonde at the tip, I still want to get the full blonde feeling …. get some Kylie kinda blonde.Ha!

Blue braids: yasss to blue braids and blue weave-on , I have seen blue braids on @ronkeraji on Instagram and also some other people,I want to try that.– purple hair: yea Justine skye kind of purple can happen even with a weave on. I use to do braids and add like 1 strand of purple or purple at the tip. I guess I have always loved purple but couldn’t gather the courage to try on a total purple look.

Trying Bolder colors would be a huge no at the moment;am talking about colors like green,orange and all of that…..nahhh, am not gonna try that either yet, it looks cool, on some people though, but I could try the one strand thing. I saw someone on a white and orange braids , well I don’t want to look like a clown, so I am just going to pass.

So little miss comfort zone, is learning to come out of comfort zone…. not just with the hair thingy but with a lot. So how about you try that also….. it’s always worth giving new things a try!

You can never know what it’s like if you never try!

4 thoughts on “Hair colors you should try

  1. Yess, love all of those hair colors, especially on dark skin! I’ve gone through an evolution of hair colors–black, brown, fiery orange red, dark purple, light blue, blonde, and pink lol.

    1. Wow…. you are definitely one who loves to explore, and yes dark skin just happens to look great with any skin color, we are so lucky

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