Team natural

Team natural

I cut my hair late 2016, I remember crying when the barber was chopping off my full grown hair…I had decided to cut my hair since I felt the hair I had kept since I was little had stopped growing. It was time for a hair regrowth, and that was the beginning of my natural hair journey.

I remember people asking why I decided to go low and I had no valid reason, but within me I knew what I wanted was a new look, something different..

In no time my hair was fully grown again….but i decided not to put in relaxer, so yea….my hair is a virgin hair. Honestly keeping a virgin hair especially when you didn’t grow up having one can be really frustrating. I have always had a stubborn and thick hair, 4c hair to be precise,so combing and styling is really strainous  especially when it’s dry but am still proud am keeping it.

I was opportuned to attend a natural hair workshop by natures gentle touch at their hair institute with friends a year later, and then I was able to meet with other natural sisters, and wow 😳 I got to see sisters who have been fully into the business, and also sisters whose hair I got really jealous of.

The Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute is an academy of beauty and style education that offers world-class training in hairstyling and beauty education, and the natural hair workshop was to equip we on natural hair on how to take care of our hair.We had a session where we had to describe our hair in one sentence….“my hair is thick and dry” , I remember saying that , well so many of us had a lot to say about our hair , some where experiencing shrinking, some breakage (like me), some unequal length , which we learnt was normal , some experience stagnant growth, some dandruff , some dry scalp, some more than one type of hair (well usually they are fine, medium and coarse), mine is just coarse.

Well I was able to learn the difference between a dry scalp and dandruff and one of them is dandruff flakes and builds up around the areas of the pattern of your hair style but dry scalp doesn’t, they both cause the scalp to itch but dandruff itches more. We where told inorder to stop hair breakage we had to take care of our hair 

– constantly washing of  the hair with shampoo  at least once a week.                                                    

– deep conditioning the hair                                      

-trim the hair once a while.

-not leaving the hair out in the open all the time.

-use moisturizers on the hair

We where also told on how to deep condition our hair.

And after all the talking, we had a hair styling competition, we where grouped into two teams , we provided the hair stylist and the model,the hair stylist had to style the hair in just 10 mins . At the end team A won, and I belonged to team A, yay!!!

Well it was fun cheering but the most fun part was we got something to take home.we where given natural hair product, the twist and lock gel which I used in getting the locks I have been dreaming of and also the natural hair spray to enhance hair growth and strength. These products and tips have been of great help to me ever since and I have seen progress.

I have learnt so much on this natural hair journey and I want to share them in some posts I would be making soon … the post would include my natural hair journey, tips and tricks I have used in sustaining my hair and how to work with your hair….so just subscribe to my newsletter so you get buzzed when it comes in.

To all the sisters out their keeping it natural, don’t give up because it is who we are………

I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.”
-Tracee Ellis Ross


8 thoughts on “Team natural

  1. I must confess the natural hair looks good on youWished I could go all natural too but my kind of hair isn’t it at all

    1. Thanks for the compliment swity…. i actually thought the way you did before I transitioned, the good thing is nothing is impossible, even with any hair texture, going natural and staying natural is achievable, so feel free to join whenever you are ready.
      Also make sure your permed hair is healthy, nothing beats an healthy hair.

    1. Embrace whichever you have and make sure it’s healthy. You can still apply some of the methods for natural hair for your permed hair.

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