Yay to Melanin

Yay to Melanin

Growing up I wondered a lot of times if I was in the right shade of color…. don’t get me wrong, I’m Nigerian and i am proud of being black. I remember when I was in junior secondary school and I was asked to write a description essay of myself, I couldn’t tell my color so i started to ask around if I was fair or chocolate in complexion, I rounded up with chocolate though and it’s been that way ever since. 

Color has been a part of we humans from way back, but i am not about to talk about black history . “I am not too dark,am just there” , a friend once said,she hated to be called black because it sounded to her as ugly but to me she was black and beautiful , if only she could see that.

all shades of beautiful

..she was also of a low self esteem because of just that. “guys like light skinned girls”  have heard that so many times, well I think if you are a guy and you belong  to that quote, then I think you are blind …no apologies if that sounded rude.

Few years back, when Modeling for a new skin care line , at the shoot I got to meet 3 other colored girls like me, one was the darkest though and I love her because she just so love her color, well she’s making a lot of money from it. The other girls where of lighter shade, we all bonded fast and easy but it was a tough time for the award winning photographer because she couldn’t tell which skin tone she preferred. Later came a white lady into our dressing room, she was also shooting for the skincare line, while wearing our makeup she got talking with the makeup artist and she mentioned how she loves our color and admired us so much…. she even took selfies though, but I can’t find those pictures.

me and one of the models

Black is the most beautiful color ever….we technically match every other color, from putting on colored dresses to colored hairstyles to colored makeup. We just too cute….. we melanin  people

They say our skin is black because we produce more melanin….

 But of late the idea called “BLEACHING ” have been trending, well they don’t call it that, they give it much nicer names like skin whitening or skin lightening, what these products do is reduce the skin’s melanin content; and now there are so many brands that invest in these kind of products, annoying enough some of them come from “the abroad”.

Like seriously! are you trying to tell us our skin is no better?

these products make use of heavy chemicals and end up doing some damage to your skin, you are totally destroying your beautiful skin and turning into a zombie, wonder why I say zombie?, well first zombies are undead beings with part of their skin  cells dead/chopped off, well people with over bleached skin have some dead skin cells too,  because you killed it,secondly zombies look horrifying and they stink and so do people who bleach(their skin is horrifying too, they get to a point they start having body odor),thirdly once you a zombie you start to crave for more blood, once you’re bleached you can’t stop it, you continue because you can’t get better…. lastly  zombies loose skin easily and so does bleached people , their skin becomes so fragile, a pinch can give he/her a forever looking scar …and their scars never clears off , injuries take time to heal , uneven skin tone and so many more.  

I had an experience with a lady who had bleached her skin so badly, she wanted me to do her makeover at the time. On getting there,I was like noooooo, how could you??…her skin was so pale, with dry and dark patches here and there, it was also fragile. I couldn’t even shape her brows properly because each time the blade touched her skin, she felts like it’s slicing into her skin.

So don’t bleach; instead embrace your natural color and nuture them by  

-washing regularly 

-using the right skin care products; please stay away from products with bleaching agent such as hydroquinone

-toning;I just like the idea of toning, I mean, who doesn’t 

-using sunscreens;you know the sun can be so harsh , so why not protect your skin.

-Also using sunshades is vital, to protect you from the sun

-wash makeup brushes regularly….I fall a victim of this though, but i try to at least twice a month and i clean them with wipes everytime after use, this helps to stop bacteria from getting on your face , so you don’t get acne.

-try DIY skincare;i do a lot of DIY’s when it comes to my skin care, it’s just amazing what’s laying in the kitchen can do to your skin

Well not to leave it there I’ll be sharing some tips on nurturing your skin product…..so WATCH OUT!!!! …hope that didn’t sound like a movie.

Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.

—– Iman

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